We are a cooperative specializing in ethical human-centered design

Digital transformation with social, cultural and environmental impact

We accompany organizations with a conscious soul humanizing technology through strategic design



We generate empathy & evoke action


Hand in hand with your organization we discover your user’s needs, problems and motivations, through quantitative and qualitative research techniques, such as user testing sessions/tests with users.

How do people feel, think and act in response to your social project?


After analyzing user data and your organizational goals, we identify opportunities in terms of communication, design and technology, to conceptualize with your team the digital strategy.

How can we get people from empathy to action?


From content strategy to multimedia production, we combine digital communication and marketing to transmit your social project in the format (text, photo, audio, video) and channel that best fits your audience.

How can we connect with people through your project’s story?


Using a human-centered design process, we create interactive, usable and intuitive graphic interfaces that transmit your brand’s corporate identity and generate an optimal user experience.

How can we guide people through your digital product?


We develop the digital product that your user wants: Web, App, eCommerce, Intranet or any type of digital solution, for all devices, optimized and accessible for people with disabilities.

How can we build projects that move people to take action?


We share knowledge through training tailored to your needs, enabling students and professionals to autonomously develop each of the competencies of human-centered design.

How can we turn your team or students into digital professionals?


Organizations with which we put technology at the service of social, cultural and environmental transformation.


Creating Filmpedia educational platform aimed at strengthening partnership learning through educational audiovisual content.

In collaboration with Filmpedia, we are conducting research with users, conceptualization of strategy, re-defining communication, user interface design and web development using WordPress content manager.

Teacher-centered design to transform boredom into learning.


Nifu Nifa Records

Creating NifuNifa Records website, a record label that promotes emerging artists from the electronic music scene, and to support NGOs that promote early childhood education around the world.

In collaboration with Nifu Nifa Records, we have carried out the design of the user interface and the responsive web development.

Design focused on musicians and donors to transform art into social impact.


Creixen Educació i Escoles Creixen

Creixen Educació  websites for the schools network, an educational project promoted by Escola Sant Gervasi, Suara and Abacus Cooperatives. 

In collaboration with Creixen Educació, we have carried out research with users, strategy definition and communication, user interface (UI) design and responsive web development. 

Family-centered design to transform educational cooperative/l’educació en cooperació


Netri Foundation

Creation of the website for the Netri Foundation, an organization dedicated to social investment to combat extreme poverty.

In collaboration with Netri Foundation, we have carried out the definition of the information architecture, textual content editing/editing of textual content, graphic and photographic content, user interface design and responsive web development.

Design focused on social investors to transform poverty into entrepreneurship.



Design of the digital product Xcelence, a tool aimed at schools throughout Spain to perform a self-assessment and quality improvement in the academic and vocational orientation of their students.

Xcelence is a project promoted by the Bertelsmann Foundation, and in collaboration with MásQueLearning and Laura Castro, we have carried out the conceptualization of strategy, information architecture definition, user interface design, data visualization and usability testing with users.

Design focused on academic counselors and researchers to transform education into academic and professional vocation.



We offer digital solutions, but we are still human

Ruben Mir Ugolini

UX Research, Strategy and Communication

Bachelor in Journalism, Master in Multimedia Design, specialization in Social Entrepreneurship and studying a Leadership and Social Innovation program.

I have been creating digital products and services combining research, digital strategy and content design for more than 5 years.

I combine my profession with professional and university teaching.

Marta Montserrat

Art Direction and UX/UI Design

Graduated in Photography from the University of the Arts London, UI/UX design and Emotional Intelligence development certified.

I’ve spent more than 10 years in London as an art director and visual designer for different digital projects, optimizing the user experience.

Currently studying master in social innovation, and involved in university teaching.

Aleix Martí Carmona

Technology and Web/App Development

Computer Engineer and Master in Multimedia Design.

I have more than 5 years of experience in digital projects as a Front-end developer, programming in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, using WordPress as a framework.

I also teach classes in vocational training and university degrees and give lectures on web programming.


Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world.


We spend so much of our time at work, why not have fun with it? We want to be happy with what we do and who we do it with, so let’s enjoy the way/path with a positive attitude, raising the flag of creativity.

Let’s smile.


We build lasting relationships when we share life with passion, honesty and trust, let’s hold hands without hiding anything from each other: sincerity will be the basis of our mutual support that will turn our purposes into reality.

Let’s share.


We believe that social transformation can only happen starting from empathy and moving to action, that’s why we use research, strategy, communication, design and technology to solve human needs first.

Let’s innovate.


We believe in collective intelligence and social and solidarity economy as an engine for social transformation, that’s why we work in a network, sharing social technology projects with other professionals and organizations in the sector.



I am because We are”

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